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Home >> ACTION >> Cat Diver

Kitty like fishies a looot... but kitty also need air or kitty die! Pliz halp kitty..
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User: EB1957
Date: 2016-01-06
I really enjoy games like that. Plus it is so cute!:)

User: Guest
Date: 2015-01-23
Your cranium must be prntcetiog some very valuable brains.

User: Guest
Date: 2015-01-22
When one instructs a cutopmer to pick anything at random, one uses a random number generator. Usually, that random number generator is used to generate the index of the chosen item.However, for this puzzle, you could generate a random number for each line. As you go over the file (assuming it has at least 1 line), you call random() each time a new line is started. If the new random number is the smallest number yet, you keep the line in memory, as well as its random number, dropping (of course) the previous line with smallest random number.The advantages are that you have to go over the file only once, keeping only 1 number and 1 line in memory.The disadvantages are that you have to generate a lot of random numbers; and that if the range of possible outputs of that function is limited, there is a bias towards either the early lines (if you compare with

User: Guest
Date: 2015-01-22
I never ever thought of inalntlisg cameras in the rooms, but now I totally want to! I'm not creeped out at all, though I have a bit of a voyeur in me, lol. Oh, and my husband has zip ties on almost everything in our house. I don't really see them anymore, but every time we have a party I remember how crazy it makes us look and contemplate cutting them off. Then I forget, because my brain has been compromised. Looks aside, I do love how handy zip ties are!

User: Guest
Date: 2015-01-21
Trial and error will take forever. There are a lot of trciks to solving the most insane of Sudoku puzzles; most of which can be solved in 10 minutes or less using these trciks. The techniques are difficult to explain, but I'll try to explain one of the most valuable techniques I use:Find any 3 3 area that has two numbers in the same row or colum. Then look at the numbers on the same row or column that intersect between the squares that have known numbers. Say the intersetion is at the middle column of the upper-left 3 3 square, for example. Any numbers that appear all the way down that middle column can't go in that row, because the other two squares in the row are already used, so they must go in that row of another 3 3; either the top-middle or top-right 3 3 square. So look across and see if those numbers appear in either of those 3 3 squares already. If it appears in the middle 3 3, then check top-right 3 3. You then know that the number must go in one of the three squares of the same row in the top-right 3 3. Then you check for that number in columns that intersect with those three squares and narrow down the possibilities that way. You may be able to fill in a number, or you may not, but you've at least narrowed it down to three possibilities. Apply this method to any other 3 3 squares with two numbers filling one of it's rows or columns.

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